Swimming Pace Calculator
The Swimming pace calculator can be used to calculate your swim pace in order to swim a given distance in a given time.

For example if you want to swim 1000m in 15 minutes your pace would be 1:30 for each 100 Meters or 4Km per hour or 1:22 for each 100 yards or 2.5 Miles per hour

  • Swimming Split Calculator
    Used to calculate the number of laps and lap time to swim a given distance in a given time
  • Swimming Pace Calculator
    You can use the Swimming Pace Calculator calculator to calculate the pace you need to swim at for a given distance. Results are given for 100 yards / 100 meters and Km per hour
  • Swimming Expectations Calculator
    You can use the Swimming expectations calculator to calculate race expectation times on other distances based on given time over a given distance. These calcs are done based on work by Peter Riegel
  • Swimming Time Converter Calculator
    Use this Calculator to calculate your time switching between yards and meters. This is useful when you need to compare times across pools of different measurement units such as indoor and outdoor pools. The Short course Indoor pool is 25yards where as long course outdoor in 50 meters.